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Emphasizes in research, development and production of safety and signalling equipment for rolling stock and infrastructure. With its complete safety and signalling product range for rolling stock and infrastructure, SIGMA RAIL is one of the few producers of such equipment in the world. All its safety products have been certified according to EU standards.

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Signalling and safety systems for railway infrastructure

Signalling systems for railway infrastructure are basis for safe, fast and simple operation of railway traffic and transport. Sigma signalling systems are based on inductive wheel sensing technology. Wheel sensors are entry points for devices and systems which cover wide range of possible applications starting from train detection, section management and axle counting up to complete level crossing protection systems, including driver's indication systems, road signals, (half) barriers and remote control systems.

All Sigma signalling systems are certified for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 4 in independent assessment bodies type A (according to the EN 17020) and tested on EMC and harsh environmental conditions in accredited laboratories.

Axle counting

ALTPRO axle counters are devices for detection of the train by using inductive railwheel sensors on the railway line. Axle counters are used in a wide variety of applications and have a role of giving the information about train position. Due to its flexibility, low life cycle costs and additional functionalities, axle counters are increasingly used instead of track circuits worldwide.

ALTPRO offers safe and reliable SIL4 certified axle counting systems which confirmed its quality on various markets and in various applications.

Level crossing protection

Level crossing protection system RLC23 is the ideal solution for

· installation on the existing unprotected or

· future level crossings on the line with or without any signalling   infrastructure;

· as well as easy replacement of existing old LC protection systems.

Simple configuration of the generic RLC23 system is achieved by using the PC/Windows configuration wizard. All types of road signals, barriers/half-barriers and train driver’s indication signals can be used according to the local national regulations.

Fail Safe Data Acquisition Actualization and Transmission (FSDT6 AND FSDT12)

Used for fail-safe digital signal acquisition, evaluation and transmission of data through any media for digital data transfer, using third party devices as bridge to the desired communication channel.